Analogue Dear shares experimental-classical music hybrid “Obrecht”

Rotterdam-based artist Sjaak Douma, aka Analogue Dear shares the first video taken from his upcoming “Stories We Tell Ourselves” EP out June 15th on bitbird.

Before being interested in classical and acoustic music, the producer was always more keen on electronic sounds specially those with an ambient relaxing vibe. The result is his soon-to-be-released EP where he mixes piano with electronic sounds, reminding the likes of Brian Eno and some of the early works of Sigur Rós. In “Stories We Tell Ourselves”, Analogue Dear will take back control of his favorite acoustic instrument, the piano, to make it the centerpiece of the entire EP as he explains it himself:

In a way, an instrument is nothing more than a tool to channel ideas through, but I would like to think that the real essence of my work can be found in the sparseness and delicacy of the piano, for this instrument that I learned music on also dictated the shape and use of my compositional voice.
u can follow Analogue Dear over Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter and you can listen to the audio below.

Matias Calderon

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