Annsofie Salomon shares personal journey with mental health on “All Things”

Annsofie Salomon‘s sophomore single, “All Things,” is out today on Tambourhinoceros.

Danish art pop newcomer Annsofie Salomon has unveiled the follow up to her wonderfully expressionistic debut track “Soft Dreams“. Starting as a minimalist ballad, “All Things” progressively fleshes out with majestic organs and swirling synths. From its vulnerable intro, with almost bare vocals, to its triumphant final climax, the structure of the track somehow depicts the artist’s journey struggling with mental health.

Following “a few diagnoses” in her late twenties, Annsofie started therapy and medication, which led her to a very uncomfortable, insensitive life. She finally decided to stop her treatment. “I felt like I was coming out of a coma,” she explains. “I welcomed back the noise in my head—the constant inside banging, the impulses—but I also welcomed back my friend, the sea—the smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves. I welcomed back never feeling really still again, but at least feeling something.”

She further adds:

“‘All Things’ is not a song to advocate for throwing medication in the toilet. I might one day need my medication again, but for now, I found, I need the noises more.”

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