Anthemic “95-96” shows that BEFFROI are a force to be reckoned with

Having had the ability to crank out hypnotising hits time and again with previous single’s “Swim” and “Jade”, BEFFROI‘s brand new single “95-96” is one that cements BEFFROI’s status as electro-pop powerhouse.

Taking cues from trends in pop, electronic and hip-hop music: Romi, Valentin and Belgian rapper Dvtch Norris join their superpowers to create an “ode to those who are distressed and who wish to break free from it.” The song’s title refers to BEFFROI‘s respective birth years as they sing for their generation “torn between teen and adult life, not knowing where the hell you belong”.

Whether you focus on the video or the song itself, you can’t help but get struck by Romi‘s lightning, immersive vocals guiding you through her darkest fears questioning “what is life, and what is right” with a feverish tone. Begging for answers as the clock of life ticks.


“95-96” offers some versatility to their forthcoming (and ready) debut EP. Indeed, as the piece pedals along creating a brooding, immaculate-sounding affair, Dvtch Norris takes us by surprise and glides effortlessly over the glitch-ridden electronic sounds and trap elements of the beat. Dropping a tinge of hip-hop flair into the mix of deep dark pads and thick grimy synths, the fellow Belgian showcases his ability to cycle sincere lyricism adding weight to the song’s message.

We recommend to watch BEFFROI‘s video as it remarkably complements the single. Director Romain Choay explained:

The track has a very strong relationship with water for me, it conjured the notion of drowning, literally but also figuratively. […] I devised these three stories of kids, all struggling with something different at the same exact time, and who are bound by their malaise.

BEFFROI‘s “95-96” will be available from December 1 via [PIAS]

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