AVES enlists Markus Perttula on mesmerizing new track “Silent Solitude”

“Silent Solitude” is the opening track from AVES‘ upcoming album Transformations, out March 22 via Kieku Records.

Antti Ojala, Joonas Hakava, and Eino Anttila are the three members of AVES, a Helsinki-based band expert in dreamy synth-pop. In a few weeks, they’ll unveil their long-awaited new album, more than a decade after their acclaimed debut Sun Sky a Floating. The band describes the project as the amalgamation of the members’ personal journeys, as it deals with mental health, addiction, inner healing, and transformation. During a marathon rollout, Aves has already given us the singles “Gem of the Ocean,” “Hunting Points,” “Jaguar,” “The Seasons,” and “Doubt.” And now, we can also add the Markus Perttula-assisted bewitching opener “Silent Solitude” to the list.

“Being present means embracing the current moment, allowing yourself to disconnect from distractions and fully engage with what’s happening now,” they stated. “It involves focusing on what truly matters, letting go of unnecessary worries or minor details that might cloud your perception. Ultimately, it’s recognizing that in the grand scheme of things, many of the small stressors or concerns fade away when we prioritize the present and cherish what’s essential in our lives.”