AVES’s “Doubt” is the perfect track for uncertain times

AVES' new track, "Doubt," is out now on Kieku Records.

Remember when we could leave the house / flat / your parents’ basement and dance the night away at some overrated Boiler Room-inspired event which really wasn’t that great but now you kinda miss? Remember when shows and gigs weren’t cancelled due to a global pandemic? Remember when we could just leave the house, period?

These unprecedented times call for special playlists, and you might just want to add AVES’ new single to it. Aptly-named “Doubt”, the track is the second single which marks the return of the Helsinki-based trio (formed by Eino Anttila, Antti Ojala and Joonas Hakava) from their six-year hiatus – the first one being “Gem Of The Ocean“, featuring Icelandic singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JFDR.

“Six years? What were they doing for six years?” you may ask, and we do not have an answer to that. In 2013, when AVES released their debut album Sun Sky a Floating, we did not have to deal with the coronavirus or even Brexit, and Obama was still president. Still, it does seem like the new single has been released at the perfect time – it is the ideal combination of both chill and upbeat, but still remaining a level of sophisticated self-awareness as the Danish artist Lydmor ominously sings: “So are you feeling doubt?”. Yes, we are. Plenty of it.

Alas, let us clarify what “Doubt” is really about – according to the AVES members: “The song sends a message of hope, love, comfort, and letting go to those struggling with toxic relationships and the many other forms of addiction.” Produced by Kaiku StudiosJonas Verwijnen and mixed by Luca Buccellati (Lana Del Rey, Arlo Parks), “Doubt” keeps true to the sparkling and dreamy tropical sound that AVES were lauded for back when they first burst onto the music scene, and which will transform your sad, self-isolating state into a coronavacation. Now add it to your WFH playlist, stat.

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