Axel Mansoor was cruelly ironic by naming his new song “Out of My Head”

We were all holding bated breath as we waited for Axel Mansoor to release his sophomore track “Out of My Head”.

His debut track “Wasted My Love” was really good. Like, really, really good. Even my sensible, mid-40s mother was completely won over by the track and kept asking me to play it for her whenever we were driving anywhere. When I finally heard that my guy Axel Mansoor was releasing a new track there was a flurry of reactions and questions as there usually is with finding out about good artists dropping new stuff. How will I like this new track? Will it live up to or even exceed my already pretty high expectations? What happens if I (audible gasp) don’t like it? Will the sun implode? Well in case you haven’t noticed the sun seems to be doing quite well and I effing love this new track “Out of My Head”.

Axel Mansoor, my good sir, if you are reading this, it is quite cruel irony to name a track “Out of My Head” when I literally cannot get it out my head. Let’s talk about the music, and what exactly makes it infectious. This song is a lot more bare than “Wasted My Love”. Musically, it is mostly lead with a happy sounding electric guitar. The supporting beats are fairly simple and mostly serve to keep a steady rhythm and build up to the chorus. The synths fall back to be a background character, serving as a gentle backdrop to his vocals, which is what is the driving point of the song.

It’s not always easy to drive a song forward with mostly just your voice. A lot of artists have to fall back on the music to help convey what emotion they’re trying to emulate musically, but Axel Mansoor has a strong voice. It’s sweet and velvety, but it’s strong and you can tell that he has a lot of vocal control. It sounds like how green tea tastes, multifaceted and soothing.

All of this combined makes for a really simple yet powerful track. The lyrics are self-championing and shaking off your self-criticisms and doing what you want to do. There is nothing holding you back except the limitations of your own mind. We tend to get zeroed in onto these negative self-critiques and we can’t pull ourselves out of this spiral. But Mansoor singing about getting control back. I really liked how he called it a “mutiny”. The strong person with so much potential is taking back control from the negative thoughts that plague and start controlling your every move.

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Axel Mansoor has yet again managed to wow me completely with this rallying cry of a song against our own inhibitions. It’s simpler and pluckier and strummier but it really works and “Out of My Head” manages to be an anthem in its own right. If this is the direction his music seems to be taking I’m really down for this and I really can’t wait to see what’s coming next (fingers crossed for an EP soon).

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