Beach House officially released a part of their contribution for Omega Mart

Meow Wolf + Beach House‘s new video for “Marin’s Dreams” is out now.

Until today, we had no idea about what Meow Wolf was. This psychedelic art collective, which is specialized in immersive experiences, opened a conceptual grocery store in Las Vegas back back in February. The exhibition includes original music from Brian Eno, Santigold and Beach House. The latter actually composed 30 minutes of new music just for Meow Wolf and they’ve just released a part of it today. This comes in the form of “Marin’s Dreams,” a 7-minute long Gregg Araki-esque coming-of-age film, directed by West and directly inspired by Omega Mart’s narrative. Here’s the story:

“Marin Dram, granddaughter of recently missing Omega Mart CEO Walter Dram, has disappeared. But her dreams were left behind, revealing portals, aliens, and bisexual angst caught in a mirror beside her bed. Like many teenage girls, Marin has a difficult relationship with her overbearing mother Cecelia Dram, newly minted Dramcorp CEO. But unlike her mother, Marin has supernatural abilities – and they’re calling her. She just wanted to be normal, but normal was not an option.”