Björk shares two remixes of her last single “Blissing Me”

Icelandic artist Björk is unstoppable! After sharing the video of “Utopia” and announcing a flute-version of the album, she shares two new versions of “Blissing Me“.

The first remix features New York-based artist serpentwithfeet who adds an R&B and mysterious touch to the track without ever taken the essence of what Björk has created. Imagined as a collaboration with producers Arca for most of the songs, and Rabit for one, it makes sense that she continues to give life to this album through collaborations. The second version features the harpe as the main character without any beats. It can give you a first taste of the album without the mesmerizing touch of Ghersi.

Utopia” is out now via One Little Indian Records.

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