Blood Root breaks down on sombre cut “Crying in the Soup Aisle at Kroger”

Nashville based indie-folk artist Blood Root drops her second single “Crying in the Soup Aisle at Kroger” from her new EP, CRUX.

Having been a member of the band The Blue Wild for two years, Nashville based Taylor Wafford decided that it was time to strike out on her own back in 2017.

Reinventing herself since then as Blood Root, she has been exploring a new sound by combining the naturalistic tones of folk, the simplistic yet rich storytelling that comes from the genre and the surprising presence of synthesisers, jazz textures and hazy electric guitars. Her mixture of classic folk and new age DIY experimentalism has drawn comparisons to the likes of Maggie Rogers and Daughter, with Blood Root’s gorgeous and bold lyricism being the stand out feature of her music.

“Crying in the Soup Aisle at Kroger”, the second single from her newest EP Crux released today, documents an emotional breakdown in the aisle of a supermarket, brought on “by being completely overwhelmed, symbolized by too many soup choices in the neighborhood Kroger.” A Warholian syndrome.

Blood Root went onto add “Sometimes you just need to cry in the middle of the soup aisle at the grocery store in order to realize that it’s time to ask for help, and to let go of the things that no longer serve you. This song is that. The story is 100% true. Recorded and mixed entirely in my tiny bedroom in Nashville.”

Having been written, recorded and mixed in Blood Root’s bedroom, the track is gifted a truly personal feel. There’s an intimacy to “Crying in the Soup Aisle at Kroger that stems from the solemn electric guitars echoing mournfully and the metronome style electronic drums. The downbeat, confessional feeling also draws from Wafford’s clear vocals and soulful vibrato. Whilst the track is undoubtedly of a sombre tone, her voice is like a beacon of light, guiding the listener through the grim shelves of the store. Stream via Spotify and get the CRUX EP via Bandcamp below.

Rachel Chandler