Body / negative and Midwife collaborate on haunting track “Everett”

“Everett” is the title track of body / negative‘s second album, to be released on 8 December via Track Number Records.

Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Andy Schiaffino is set to release Everett, the second album under the alias body / negative, in early December. The album was predominantly recorded using a handheld tape recorder, and Schiaffino‘s vocals were captured through a landline-style handset, giving a nostalgic phone call-like ambiance to their dream pop and shoegaze explorations. This project was also conceived as a collaborative effort with fellow artists from the experimental ambient community, with heaven metal artist Madeline Johnston, aka Midwife, in particular, contributing to several tracks.

Midwife notably appears on the title track, which like the rest of the record, conveys poignant memories through haunting melodies. “You don’t deserve to have a song written about you, or a word or a thought, but i still want you,” they sing, as they navigate the complexity of contradictory emotions, over hazy layers that sound both gloomy and comforting.

Everett is a deeply personal exploration of themes related to love and loss, a project that took shape while Schiaffino was caring for their father during his battle with illness. The entire album then became a heartfelt dedication to their late mother and father.