NYC artist BOSSA releases intricate Pride song “QUICK”

BOSSA‘s new track, “QUICK,” is out now.

NYC multi-talented artist Adi Gonzalez, aka BOSSA, has recently shared “QUICK,” an avant-pop song which arrives just in time for Pride.” Reminiscent of artists such as Jenny Hval and Mr Twin Sister, “QUICK” also features two RVA based artists, Benét (background vocals) and Not Kevin (sax).

“Upon watching Paris is Burning last summer, I couldn’t help but relate to the feeling of being an outsider and having to find my chosen family,” explained BOSSA. “My mom being the only child of 11 to leave Venezuela to seek a better, more opportune life, provided my sister and I a good life. However, with apparent class differences within the community we were raised, we coped with the shame of being poor and feeling less than by being quieter, more reserved and docile.”

Before adding:

“Once I discovered my art (being music) in my early 20’s, I discovered my voice. Which comically took my mom by surprise largely because I never studied or practised music in any technical form. When I watched the queens vogue, compete in their beautiful balls, and own their space they curated I felt validated. Moving to New York, living with burlesque performers, wandering the nightlife and meeting like-minded artists to encourage my artistic instincts had become my holy house.”