Pecas releases “Hired Gun”, a swirling rumination on love in the modern age

Brooklyn-based artist Pecas‘s new single, “Hired Gun,” is out now.

Self-described as ‘gothic nova’, Madrid-born, Brooklyn-based artist Sandy Davis AKA Pecas blends the sounds of smooth 80’s disco synths and futuristic electronic drum loops before topping it all off with a mystifying, sultry voice. After her 2018 debut EP After Dark, and the amazing “T-Shirt” released last year, the artist furthers her lush soundscapes and flexes her honey-smooth vocal chords once again with latest single “Hired Gun”.

Written with the notion of exploring “the nature of love under the strain of capitalism”, “Hired Gun” is surprisingly airy, evoking a dreamlike atmosphere. The simplistic chimes and stripped back trilling synths soothe as Pecas weaves a magic spell upon the listener, captivating with each carefully considered line. Davis‘s piercing head voice has a similar alluring power to that of FKA Twigs. Those soaring high notes have a hypnotic tendency, like a mythical siren calling sailors to sea, luring them into a false sense of security before striking.

Despite its gentle lulling and its soft facade, the track is beautifully layered with sharp edges. Underneath the main body of the track, there are some clips that sound like old TV footage, lost tapes that have since been discovered and added as a grainy texture. All these details make “Hired Gun” such a visceral listening experience. There are small asides to be found embedded in the track like the presence of a saxophone played solemnly for only a beat or two before disappearing into the world of the track.

The combined effect of these sonic movements is a feeling of timelessness; Pecas has created a track that exists in its own place outside of space and time. By juxtaposing the airy wind chime-like tones, the naturalistic drums that call to mind a pulsating heartbeat and the 80’s sounding synths, “Hired Gun” acts as a tale for everyone, everywhere at all times.

The track is released with its shorter companion, “A Hired Gun is Nothing More,” which comes with a 3D video, courtesy of Andrew Strasser.

This track is now added to our playlist Best Tracks of 2020.

Rachel Chandler