Bruce Falkian’s debut album explores the link between image and war

Bruce Falkian‘s self-titled debut album is out June 9 on antinote.

Who tf is Bruce Falkian? If we sum up the very conceptual pitch that accompanies their self-titled debut album, he is supposedly a world famous contemporary artist as well as a spy who hates guns, and fights against the Terrorism Industrial Complex. After some more digging, we can also announce that the project is the brainchild of producers and musicians Youssef Guettache and Vincent Destouet, and that their debut album explores the relationship between image and war, including the glorification of killing in Hollywood cinema. Bruce Falkian is out on Friday via antinote, the Parisian underground label that is also home to Domenique Dumont, amongst other iconic artists.

Violence, irony and art collide in this electronic and post punk-centered project where, surprisingly, one track is named after Sean Paul and another one credits Jeff Koons, the polarizing anti-modernist who made a name for himself by playing with consumerism and popularity. Highlights of the record include opener “By Bruce Falkian” and lead single “Venezia Biennale”.