Brynäs suspend us in the air with trippy single “Timmermansgatan”

Brynäs‘ trippy new single “Timmermansgatan” will be be featured on their upcoming debut EP to be released via Kobalt Music/Misty Music.

Some weeks ago, we were introducing you to Swedish siblings duo Brynäs with their debut track “Trigger“. The band, which is comprised of Alberta Cross‘ lead singer and The Ghost of Helags‘ producer, is back with an etheral new track “Timmermansgatan” named like a street in the city of Gävle in Sweden. This city is actually the door of the Norrland (“North Country”) and you can hear all the vastness and the wildnerness in the electronica track. Peppered with harmonica, “Timmermansgatan” almost sounds like the soundtrack of a Scandinavian spaghetti western. By the way, the title of the song is not a coincidence: it was also the name of the street where their late grandmother was used to live. Listen to their meaningful and inspired tribute track below.

Matias Calderon

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