Swedish siblings duo Brynäs debut with cosmic braindance single “Trigger”

There’s a new intriguing duo to watch out from Sweden. Brynäs is the moniker of two brothers making genre-bending music together and their debut single “Trigger” is a trippy offering that defies labels and gravity.

Hailing from Sweden, Berlin-based duo Brynäs are comprised of members of Anglo-Swedish rock band Alberta Cross (singer-songwriter) and electronica-pop The Ghost of Helags (production). The two brothers have recently decided to join their forces to interfuse their respective music universes which you can actually hear on their undefinable debut track “Trigger”. We could debate for hours to know if we should pin it down as pop, rock, or dance music but actually, who cares? The trippy and dance-y track, which is supposed to be the sound mix of Berlin and Bristol, has a progressive and intense build-up that will propulse you high in the sky in a few minutes only. One can quickly understand why the Ericson brothers chose the cosmonaut-on-a-beach aesthetics for the artwork.

There’s apparently a whole EP on the way, which was written between Brooklyn, Berlin and Uppsala. It is the result of months of experimentation in their studio “The Catacombs” located in an old abandoned subway station in Friedrichshain, Berlin.

Brynäs are floating in the cosmos but you can can catch them on Facebook and Twitter too.

Matias Calderon

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