UK’s most ethereal geezer Bubba Janko shares “FACE OFF”

Bubba Janko‘s new single “FACE OFF” is out now.

A singer-songwriter and producer hailing from Essex, London-based Bubba Janko infuses his music with surreal imagery and a cheeky nod to 80’s sleaze, creating a dreamy world dripping with “velvet, diamantés, and perfect sunsets.” His distinct ethereal style blends hushed crooning vocals with crushed 808’s, moody synths, and lush digital soundscapes.

In his latest single, “FACE OFF,” Bubba Janko boldly embraces his persona as the “UK’s most ethereal geezer,” delving into themes of false identities and the intricate nature of self-expression. Influenced by cinematic thrillers like Face/Off and The Face of Another, the self-produced track explores the facade we present in different social settings. Leveraging his diverse Caribbean, Polish, and British background, Janko navigates the complexities of identity, showcasing its multifaceted layers. Departing from his previous style, “FACE OFF” exhibits a shift towards raw intensity and gritty textures, all while preserving his signature eerie vocals and dark ambiance.