Nourished by Time adds croon and grit to Pearly Drops’ “Take Me Down”

“Take Me Down (Nourished by Time Version)” is taken from Pearly Drops‘ upcoming remix EP, Haunted Expansion Pack, set for release 10th November via Cascine.

Hailing from Helsinki, the innovative duo known as Pearly Drops crafts softly blurred pop music, where modern and vintage sonic landscapes intertwine. After the release of their LP, A Little Disaster, earlier this year, Sandra Tervonen and Juuso Malin are back with some exciting news. They’ve recently announced their Haunted Expansion Pack EP, set to drop soon through our good friends at Cascine.

The project features two brand new songs, “Haunted” and “Heather,” as well as two remixes from the album. So far, we already heard the Dream, Ivory‘s rendition of “I Cry While You Sleep” and today, we’re thrilled to be premiering the Nourished by Time version of “Take Me Down.”

In the hands of the Baltimore singer-songwriter and producer Nourished by Time (whose real name is Marcus Brown), the pulsating synth-pop of “Take Me Down” ventures into uncharted musical territories. In line with Pearly Drops’ style, Nourished by Time often injects retro sounds into their forward-thinking music [as exemplified in their exceptional album, Erotic Probiotic 2, which has earned a spot as one of our top favorites in 2023]. Guided by a DIY ethos and a punk freedom, their reimagination of “Take Me Down” takes on a grainy and gritty quality. It doesn’t seek to erase or replace the original but rather serves as a harmonious extension, akin to a collaboration that has always been meant to be. Echoing Tervonen‘s ethereal and icy singing, Brown‘s croon anchors the title to the ground, or rather, to the underground. Listen below.