Cape Francis faces his demons head on in fearless mantra “Just Because”

New York-based innovator Cape Francis releases heartfelt warning to his past self on airy single “Just Because.” The track is taken from his upcoming third album Plateaus out via Sleep Well Records.

Having first picked up a guitar at 9 years old, Brooklyn based Kevin Olken Henthorn AKA Cape Francis has never put it down since. Studying music across a broad range of genres including classical, blues and metal, he committed himself to creating his own music at the tender age of 15. Cape Francis was born as a way to return to this simplistic childlike nature and escaping life during difficult times.

Aligned with the themes of the upcoming album, which will cover “neurosis, anxiety, and the erosion of mental health that played throughout his 20’s”, “Just Because” is essentially an imagined reality of what could have been. It shows the scope of Cape Francis’s road to improving his own mental health and documents his experience of overcoming the personal damage that occurred in his twenties.

“Throughout most of my twenties, I was in denial of the fact that I could seriously use therapy,” Cape Francis asserted. “My relationships with people and my partner became strained over time because I wasn’t actually taking care of my own mental health. Last year that came to a head and I finally took the steps needed to get some help. This song was written as a reminder to keep working on it, to not resort back to the mess I was for most of my 20’s. It envisions a world in which I don’t take that advice and plays out a version of myself that I really don’t want to become.”

Musically, “Just Because” is centred around a simple yet beautiful electric guitar that’s tenderly plucked. The song builds in energy as it progresses, gaining momentum with each quiet yet powerfully delivered verse.

Cape Francis’s lyrics emphasise the power of the track. They’re both poignant and frank, with an inherent vulnerability. This is evidenced in lines such as “I’m sick of blaming everything else on everyone/ so I can pretend it ain’t my bad”. It’s self-aware and highlights the frustrations that come from wanting to make yourself “better” but feeling unsure about how to do so.

“Just Because” is a heartfelt mantra, a look back at personal struggles and a gentle reminder to keep pushing through and appreciate the steps that you have made. Whilst it may seem dark, the track’s core takeaway is to focus on what’s to come and to try not to be discouraged by the hurdles that may lie ahead.

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