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torri weidinger trinkets

Torri Weidinger reaches impossible heights with “Trinkets”

Torri Weidinger‘s “Trinkets” is the first single taken from her upcoming debut album. If you’re a musician from Nashville, chances

Paper Lady Eve

Paper Lady return with subversive and ethereal track “EVE”

Paper Lady release bewitching take on the biblical Adam and Eve story with latest single “EVE.” After meeting at Berklee

Ruth Radelet Crimes by Alexandra Cabral

Chromatics’ Ruth Radelet shares debut original track “Crimes”

Ruth Radelet‘s “Crimes” is out today. Since Chromatics announced their disbandment last summer, all of its members are now pursuing

Nailah Hunter Forest Dark

Nailah Hunter’s harp transports on “Forest Dark”

Nailah Hunter‘s “Forest Dark” is out now through Leaving Records. Harpist Nailah Hunter and producer Brogan Bentley elevate a soothing

Persona la Ave baraka vapor

Persona La Ave and Baraka keep vaporwave alive with “Vapor”

“Vapor” is taken from Persona La Ave and Baraka‘s new album, out April 29. Electronic music producers Persona La Ave

Kisskadee Black Hole Era video

Kisskadee gracefully embraces existentialism on “Black Hole Era”

“Black Hole Era” is the title track of Kisskadee‘s official debut album, out May 6 via Anxiety Blanket Records. Kisskadee‘s

Riches The Frequency

Riches channel gothic dream pop on new song “The Frequency”

Riches‘s self-released new track, “The Frequency,” is out today. A multidisciplinary dialogue between Young Galaxy‘s Catherine McCandless and choreographer Wynn

Jockstrap Concrete over Water video Eddie Whelan

Jockstrap share celestial new single “Concrete Over Water”

Jockstrap‘s new single, “Concrete Over Water,” marks their debut on Rough Trade. One of the most innovative duos in London,