Catherine Moan shares glistening new banger “Undo Undo”

Catherine Moan‘s new song “Undo Undo” is our via Born Losers Record.

A few years back, we introduced you to the rising talent Angel Jefferson, known as Catherine Moan, a creative force in the world of electro-pop, crafting music with a nostalgic and dreamy vibe. This Philadelphia-based artist left a mark with her debut album, Chain Reaction, and her collaborative singles alongside another synth pop genius, Primer.

Just last week, Catherine Moan unleashed her latest track, “Undo Undo,” serving as a reminder that in matters of life and heartbreak, there’s no easy Ctrl + Z. The song was co-produced by Trey Frye (of Korine), delivering a glistening and theatrical experience, complete with a captivating retro-inspired music video. Check it out and show your support below!