Catherine Moan announces debut album, shares lead single “Drop It!”

“Drop It!” is the first single from Catherine Moan’s debut album Chain Reaction, out September 24 via Born Loser Records.

Philadelphia’s Catherine Moan makes electronic pop that yearns. Having recorded her debut album Chain Reaction during the quarantine stage of the coronavirus pandemic, Moan themes her bubbly, euphoric songs around the desire for connection when faced with isolation. “Drop It!” – the lead single from her debut – is a prime example of this ethos, showcasing not only a glistening instrumental and diaphanous vocals, but an irresistible knack for melody and lyricism.

Opening with the pulse of a synth-bass and a groovy drum-beat, “Drop It!” calls the listener to get up off their feet and get into the rhythm. The song builds with candy-coated synth accents, reminiscent of CHVRCHES glitz and the Chromatics’ glam. It’s the chorus that truly shines here – Moan commands with the lyrics “sway it down, it’s so sweet! Drop it down and feel the heat,” sung playfully and nonchalantly to capture the feeling of dancing away your depression.

The song’s music video is an excellent feature for Moan’s playfulness and positivity through hardship. Standing in a red karaoke room, alone in a red blazer, she gets lost in the melody and vibes carefree, enjoying wherever the music might take her as she releases tension. Her smile is infectious, capturing the exact shade of optimism imbued within the song’s synthetic textures. Watch and pre-order via Bandcamp below.

Zach Zollo

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