Crack Cloud share colorful elegy about drug addiction: “The Next Fix”

The “The Next Fix” video is the first part of the PAIN OLYMPICS series, made DIY by the Crack Cloud collective.

A self-proclaimed “asylum for the disenfranchised”, Canada’s Crack Cloud are a band, a collective, and a rehabilitation outlet all at once. Migrating from a post-punk sound toward one that gives off whiffs of experimental hip-hop, their new track and accompanying video, “The Next Fix”, is a colorful elegy for the friends the group has lost to suicide and drug overdose.

Despite such mortal themes, “The Next Fix” feels much more like a celebration of life than it does a lamentation over death, as any good eulogy should. Over the course of the video, we’re introduced to a cast of characters that are both larger than life and down to earth, scored by plucky guitar lines and biting, spoken-word-esque vocals. Both the lyrics and visuals highlight gritty aspects of life, death, and addiction; but, by the time the track reaches it end, the entire experience has evolved into a carnival-like celebration of the ups and downs of all of them, marked by group vocals and dancing.

All in all there’s a definite strange beauty underlying the “The Next Fix” – a great quality for any piece of art imitating life to possess. Watch below.

Jonathan Vilardi

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