Danny L Harle and Caroline Polachek share “Ashes Of Love”


Danny L Harle shared a new track on Soundcloud titled “Ashes of Love”. It includes vocals by the incredibly talented Caroline Polachek of Chairlift. Harle first wanted to work with Polachek after hearing “I belong in your arms” and claiming it as one of the best pop tunes he had ever heard. Polachek was equally a fan of Harle after listening to “In my dreams”. And then they met…

The collaboration on paper was always going to be a proper mash up! Harle creates uniquely sporadic music which jumps and shifts between keys and includes a collection of unexpected sounds and instruments. Whereas Polachek and Chairlift are strangely atmospheric and emotional. Her voice is powerful in an offbeat and curious way, she reminds me a bit of Kate Bush for some reason. Chairlift create a type of melodic pop which has the crowd swaying rather than jumping whereas Harle seems to create very punchy and animated tracks which keep you guessing.

“Ashes Of Love is the crazy meeting of two complementary universes

Their two contrasting styles really do compliment each other in this track. The singer reaches you with her entrancing voice and sucks you into the song, just then the producer hits you with a pumping beat that scrambles your brain.

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Caroline Polachek talking about Danny L Harle: “I love the whole crazy puzzle-box of his musical world…”

Polachek brilliantly sums up Harle’s style and this track is indeed a puzzle-box of a song. It is mix of so many different styles from hardcore to trance to pop. The beat is so varied but then it is glued together with Polachek’s evoking voice. On the first listen it can sound a tad messy and erratic but once you embrace the randomness of it you start to feel the song a bit more and understand the artist’s intentions.

It is not a song I would choose to relax to, nor is it a song to show your grandmother but there are definitely places and moments when this track fits perfectly. Buy “Ashes Of Love” on iTunes.

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