Deaton Chris Anthony and baby a pay homage to UK Garage on “Tuethday”

LA-based bedroom R&B powerhouse Deaton Chris Anthony releases highly danceable track “Tuethday” ahead of his new EP Boogy Woogy.

With two albums under his belt, most recently the 2019 offering BO Y, multi-faceted, genre-melding artist Deaton Chris Anthony is back with perhaps his most danceable track to date in the form of “Tuethday”.

His second single from upcoming EP Boogy Woogy – dedicated to his beloved pet bunny Boogy – this track marks a shift into the world of UK Garage.

“Tuethday” was made with the intention to move. On the formation of the track, Deaton Chris Anthony summed it up by saying “Basically I needed Baby A’s help to welcome UK Garage back to the States… ‘Tuethday’ is our ‘Gotta Get Thru This’ moment. Finished during Quarantine, we made this song so when we’re able to party again; goodbye 2020. Hello 2002.” This mish-mash of genres and sounds is nothing new for Deaton Chris Anthony; in fact, upcycling ideas is the motif of his music and own fashion label.

With baby a’s hypnotic, soulful R&B vocalisations simmering over the thrumming 90’s synths and UK Garage beat, “Tuethday” is an intricately textured journey. It’s oddly nostalgic, reminiscent of an old Craig David track combined with the flavour and swagger of TLC. It’s an intoxicating combination that lends itself sublimely to dancing and gives us all something to move to with our masks firmly in place.

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