Dirty Sole shared artistic video for latest single "Faking"

Chicago-based duo Dirty Sole are ready for the release of their sophomore album “FWD Motion” due to be unveiled on December 9. With their debut single “Faking,” they are positioning themselves as one of the acts to watch when you are fan of the indie electronic genre.

Daniel Anderegg and Richie Heller, who formed Dirty Sole, had a specific ambition for the clip: to explore the difficulties in a relationship and how the two people in it may feel in complete different places. The video is completely mesmerizing, as it is difficult to keep your eyes out of it, used as a metaphor of a disintegrating love-story. The couple is stylized to the extreme, the slow-motion captures perfectly the difficulties of being in a relationship and the art-housy decor is outstanding.

Mixing house with R&B and jazz sounds, you can listen in every piece of their productions, since their debut album “Skattered Jazz”, the pure result of the melting-pot in the city of Chicago, a warm city with a cold weather. The natural progression for the duo will be then this mixture of different genres, featuring Lyrics Born, Foremost Poets, Jon Von Letscher and James Curd. In one word: excitement.

You can follow Dirty Sole over Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. You can also listen “Faking” in our Spotify playlist “Daily Dose Music Junkies

Matias Calderon

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