Ellis leads us on a cathartic journey in latest single “Into The Trees”

“Into The Trees” is taken from Ellis‘s debut album Born Again, out today on Fat Possum Records.

After releasing her debut EP The Fuzz back in 2018, Ontario based artist Ellis has been steadily working on her full-length debut, which was produced by Jake Aron. “Into The Trees” is the final single taken from her debut album, born again, which also dropped today.

Stepping away from the confines of the dream-pop genre that tinged The Fuzz, “Into The Trees” displays a more nuanced edge, a calm assurance to take its time. There’s a haunting melancholic edge born from the echoing of the guitars, accompanied by yearning lyrics such as “I’m not sure I’m what you bargained for”.

This pining is also displayed in the multiple shifts in the song, this ever-changing beast that is “Into The Trees”. It’s almost as if the structure of the song itself is mirroring what the lyrics describe as trying to strike the balance between being yourself and also metamorphosing to fit in with what the other person “bargained for”.

Ellis has crafted a kind of magic. The one minute thirty mark sees a lilting guitar riff appear, the bass turns up and it becomes more reflective and less moping in tone. The change in tempo then confers the song an oddly uplifting air. Each minute of the song thereafter reveals another layer, a swirling mass that astonishingly creates movement and textures, turning the track from a straight-up emo dream-pop ballad into something living and transformative.

Then, in the final thirty seconds, the stakes are raised into an explosion of pure catharsis, offering an epiphanic ending. It’s both ecstatic and heartbreaking, it’s pure drive and anger and heartache.

“Into The Trees” is a track of pure buildup. The momentum it gathers as it progresses is just as delightful as the climax itself. Whilst it’s serpentine in its delivery and it meanders with precision, it’s not until you’re amidst the clattering drums and the shock of the heavy guitars that you realise you were floating along, completely under Ellis’s spell.

Watch the accompanying animation, courtesy of director Andrew Friesen, and get the album via Bandcamp below.

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