Farao and Special-K debut supergroup Ultraflex, share “Olympic Sweat” video

Ultraflex‘s debut track, “Olympic Sweat,” is out via Street Pulse.

Nordic mermaids Farao and Special-K join forces to launch Ultraflex, an interdisciplinary electronic project which draws from 80’s soviet aerobic television programs and contemporary disco. Although both artists are established singer-songwriters, they chose to take an unexpected path with their debut track “Olympic Sweat”. A lo-fi and atmospheric dance instrumental, “Olympic Sweat” also comes with a quirky self-directed video, which sets the tone for this collaboration brimming with flamboyance and jest. By the way, the track is reminiscent of RØR, the super duo comprising Okay Kaya and Easter‘s Stine Omar which also likes to dance at the gym.

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