FKL share 90s club scene-inspired new single “1-800”

Seattle-based duo FKL share second single taken from their new album “Out Of Tune” out now via their own label Orphan Records.

Their new album is the tale of how the duo had to move from London, where they met, to Seattle. The feeling of not belonging and constructing everything back on is the main feeling that you can perceive in “Out Of Tune”. Their second single “1-800” is a perfect dancefloor-shaped track, reminding 90s warehouses where ecstasy used to meet politics. About the track, one half of of FKL, Sage Redman, stated:

He [Joe Gillick, the other half of the duo] was initially drawn to [the track] because it reminded him of 90s parties, listening to Nightmare on Wax’s “Biofeedback”. Skyping and sending tracks back and forth, he would inspire us with stories detailing the imperfections and triumphs of artists we deeply admire. Whether it was hearing of Anohni’s self-consciousness on the Hercules and Love Affair album, (where she made some of the most beautiful music ever to be recorded!) or hearing about The Rapture’s reluctance in transitioning to their ‘Echoes’ sound, one that when they finally embraced, made a mind bending album.

You can follow FKL over Facebook, Twitter and listen their new album here. You can also read the recent Op-Ed Sage Redman wrote in Highclouds about their last single “Violence“.

Matias Calderon

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