Forever shares video for her romantic exorcism “Devotion”

“Devotion” is taken from Forever‘s new EP, Close To The Flame, out now on Cascine.

Montreal songstress and poetess June Moon, also known as Forever, recently released a beautiful EP, which was carved after a painful heartbreak. Following on from the low-key dance cut “Make It Happen” and the sizzling “Blur,” she has now unveiled a video for “Devotion,” a trippy offering in which she reclaims her freedom and self-confidence. “I don’t need to give you answers / I don’t owe you anything at all / Dominance / Water witch,” she sings in this Ouri-produced romantic exorcism.

In the accompanying visuals, directed by Matt Power and Desiree Deleau, the artist takes the centre of the stage to offer an intimate dance, a ritual illuminated with candlelights. “Matt and I talked about our love for improvisation, and movement,” she detailed. “I wanted to explore filming my body language without using traditional music video structures. We really trusted each other, and we made something supremely intimate together.”