Friday Fix: 20 songs from artists based in Belgium

As most of you know, a bit more than a year ago, on March 22 2016, Brussels was under attack killing 32 civilians and more than 300 people were injured. As a way to celebrate our little country, we decided to do a playlist of the best that Belgium can offer.

We start our playlist with one classic: Lio delivers the sweet and powerful “Amoureux Solitaires” out in the 80s. The travel continues in Wallonia with Liège-based trio La Plage with their track “Rendez Vous” followed by one of our favorite bands from Tournai Wuman with “Julia” taken from their debut EP “Portraits”. Get to know band based in Brussels Chackie Jam who just release their debut track “Hachi” combining strong pop with indie vibes.

Talking about pop, let’s dance with Faon Faon and their track “Eskimo”! With their infectious chorus, how could anyone stand still? To calm things down, let’s listen to Antwerp-based artist Wardrobe who recently released his track “Nowhere Now” taken from his album “Crawling”. But, the calm won’t stay long thanks to Soldout with their track “Forever” and Robbing Millions with their track “In The No Air”.

We were betting last year on Insecte in our list of artists under our radar for 2017 and you can listen to their track “Holy Crack!” followed by The Double Veterans and their track “Cocktail”. Taking a step on the electro pop genre with Brussels-based band WOOLY MAMMOTHS and their brand new track “Water Slide”. Our beloved French Brussels-based duo Rive released their debut EP a few weeks ago and you can listen to “Nuit” in the playlist.

Warhaus will then enchant you with their dark take on pop in their track “The Good Lie” followed by one of our last Thunderclaps called SHE Major with her track “Please Don’t“. Then let’s take a jump into the R&B/hip hop genres with Antwerp-based artist Tsar B with her track “Escalate” and Brussels-based rapper Roméo Elvis with his track “Drôle De Décision”.

J. Bernardt is the nom de plume of Jinte Diprez of Belgian band Balthazar and is ready to release his debut album. You can listen to his new song “Wicked Streets” followed by the instrumental electronic project Glass Museum and their track “Kill The Sequence”. It introduces next, the electronic experimentations by Monolithe Noir in “Profondeville”, followed, to end our Belgian journey, by the calm “Nightowl Magee” by Samuelspaniel.

You can listen to the entire playlist below, and follow us, as it is updated with new themes every week!

There is obviously more songs to put on this playlist as we don’t know all of the Belgian artists that exist. Send us your favorite ones!

Matias Calderon

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