Gabby’s World’s relationship passes the test of change on “Powerful”

“Powerful” is taken from Gabby’s World‘s new album GABBY SWORD, out December 1.

Gabby Smith, also known as Gabby’s World, has embarked on a yearlong marathon to showcase her forthcoming album. GABBY SWORD is set to be released at the end of 2023, under her own label, Carrot All Records. Every month, the singer-songwriter and producer is unveiling a new single —each a vivid snapshot of her life— drawing inspiration from her love and marriage with fellow musician Barrie Lindsay (yeah, that Barrie), her far-flung adventures from France to Maine, and a myriad of other meaningful and introspective moments.

The ninth single in this epic rollout is “Powerful,” a song that demonstrates how strong love can endure change and distance; a “moon and ocean kind of bond,” as she sings. She elaborates, “The day my wife, Barrie, left our shared apartment to write her 2022 AOTY album Barbara, I felt the immense power of our connection. However, I also grappled with the uncertainty and apprehension of how our relationship would evolve with distance.”

Similar to challenges that strengthen relationships, the song grows throughout its 3-minute course, while keeping its genuine rawness. It begins with a sense of fragility but quickly gains strength before culminating in an ecstatic epiphany, characterized by swirling vocals. Considering how challenging long distance relationships can be, this touching song is almost reminiscent of a fairy tale. [tears of joy]