Ginevra Nervi announces new EP with intricate cut “Annihilation”

“Annihilation” is the first single to be released off Ginevra Nervi’s new EP KLASTÓS, out this April 2021.

A few years ago, releasing a single called “Annihilation” would have been judged pessimistic. In 2021, it has become a common thing. While Ginevra Nervi‘s new single has no direct link to the COVID crisis, the deep sense of perdition and frustration it radiates seems actually quite timely.

Born in 1994, in Genova, Nervi has been approaching electronic music in almost a scientific way, with a major in “vocal exploration” if we can say so. This taste for manipulation and sound design shows through “Annihilation,” a claustrophobic offering boasting on multi-layered choirs samples. A sort of apocalyptic take on a relationship, the intricate track is not here to be comforting: it expresses the heartbreaking reality of loving someone you have no future with. Joy.

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