Ginger Root pays homage to 60’s French pop on lo-fi new track “Le Chateau”

Ginger Root releases “Le Chateau,” the third single from his forthcoming album Rikki out October 23 on Acrophase Records.

Orange County-based City Pop artist Cameron Lew AKA Ginger Root has once again expanded his own cinematic universe with his latest single and video “Le Chateau”.

The track was born out of Ginger Root’s “mild obsession with ’60s French music”. Further adding to his inspiration for the track, he commented: “I wanted to try and write a song about a theoretical place you could go to help you escape from your problems, presented in a way that hopefully shares how I felt listening to France Gall, Jaqueline Taieb, and Serge Gainsbourg for the first time.”

Comprised of warped guitars and misty drum beats, “Le Chateau” has that swinging sensibility that comes from the yé-yé style that infused a lot of 60’s French pop. Ginger Root has channelled that sound and added his own twist to it with the buzzing DIY sounding synths that blast underneath the chorus.

Despite its French influence, it’s easy to hear the staple sounds of Ginger Root coming through. The self-described “Aggressive Elevator Soul” element is still present, with Lew’s breezy and muted vocals giving “Le Chateau” a dream-like and cosy atmosphere. There’s also a woozy edge to the track that gives it a sense of movement, a gentle swaying.

This is rather fitting, considering the half-asleep nature of the self-directed video accompaniment. “It’s loosely based on this strange dream I had about someone giving me a free boat,” he explained. “I think I drowned at the end of the dream sadly.”

Whilst he doesn’t drown in this version of the tale, we do have a twist of an ending. Instead of getting the full-sized boat that he wanted, we see Cameron Lew given a wooden figurine of a boat instead. Not quite the escape from your problems that you imagined, but it’s a fun and quirky way to end the video.

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