girlhouse kicks off the holidays with “ugly xmas sweater party”

girlhouse‘s second single “ugly xmas sweater party” is a poppy exploration of the politics of cuffing season.

Singer-songwriter Lauren Luiz and producer Tyler Thompson of LA-based band girlhouse are sonically shepherding in the holidays with their second release, “ugly xmas sweater party.” Thompson and Luiz, best known for their involvement in the group WILD along with guitarist Zach DeGaetano, have broken out on their own to bring a vibey, tongue-in-cheek track that’s certain to put you in the holiday spirit – albeit a somewhat horny version of the holiday spirit.

Despite being a relatively young project, girlhouse are beginning to establish themselves as a group capable of perfecting a versatile range of sounds. Their debut release, “mt. shasta dr.,” is a heavy, guitar-reliant track that piggybacks off the melancholic momentum of acts like Phoebe Bridgers and Julia Jacklin. In contrast, “ugly xmas sweater party” is a lighter approach, as the pair combine bright horns, upbeat electronic embellishments, and plucky guitar riffs for a fun track driven forward by anecdote-laden verses and a poppy chorus. A stark shift from the low-toned, melodic vocal performance exhibited in their aforementioned debut track, Luiz‘s singing in “ugly xmas sweater party” mirrors the syncopated rhythm and clean-cut harmonies of greats like Haim or Swiss-German pop duo BOY. Moreso, allusions to Dennis The Menace, Ted Bundy, and an eponymous ugly Christmas sweater party add a quirky, pop culture-infused twist to the conventional pop track. These characteristics culminate in a release that is certain to make your toes tap as you put up your tinsel.

Speaking to the song’s meaning, the group explains, “This song is about being in the peak of cuffing season, when you’re at the point when you’re really trying to decide if this is someone you wanna stay with or if this is just a fling meant to fizzle out by January.” Releases like “ugly xmas party” prove that girlhouse isn’t just a passing crush; their boppy hits will stay on repeat long after the snow thaws in spring. Stream “ugly xmas sweater party” below.

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