Hannah Diamond celebrates self-love in scintillating anthem “Affirmations”

Hannah Diamond‘s “Affirmations” is out via PC Music.

A few days ago, we read with sadness that PC Music, the groundbreaking label created by A.G. Cook in 2013, will stop releasing new music after this year, promising nevertheless “an undisclosed number of new albums and singles coming very soon.”

The poster girl of the iconic roster, Hannah Diamond just returned with her glittering new single, “Affirmations”. The electro-pop bop is an ode to self-love. And as would say a great philosopher of our times, “if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

“I’ve always struggled on and off with having a negative view of myself so at some point last year I decided that every day when I was struggling to write five good things about myself and add them to my wall,” explained Diamond, about the origins of the track. “During this time I was also spending lots of time on zoom writing with [producer] David Gamson and one day my carefully tilted monitor had moved to reveal my wall of positive affirmations. Dave was curious to what all my notes meant and when I introduced him to my practice he said, ‘Hey ‘Affirmations’ – great song title!’”

Still, questions remain: Will the London-based multidisciplinary artist release a sophomore album? And will that record be one of the forthcoming releases PC Music hinted about in their statement? Only time will tell. For now, what are you waiting for to cherish yourself?