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Hannah Diamond Affirmations

Hannah Diamond celebrates self-love in scintillating anthem “Affirmations”

Hannah Diamond‘s “Affirmations” is out via PC Music. A few days ago, we read with sadness that PC Music, the

15 Best Tracks Songs Charli XCX

The 15 best Charli XCX songs (so far)

Here are the 15 best songs by Charli XCX, one of the most innovative pop artists of the decade. Five

Planet 1999 Devotion EP Replay

Planet 1999 are avid for reconciliation in emotionally charged “Replay”

“Replay” is taken from Planet 1999‘s debut EP, Devotion, due out March 6 on PC Music. With a more-than-polished cover

Planet 1999 party video

Planet 1999 returns with their dreamily nostalgic single “Party”

“Party” is taken from Planet 1999‘s debut EP, Devotion, set to be released in March. PC Music‘s first live band

Hannah Diamond Invisible video by Hannah Diamond

Hannah Diamond finally announces debut album, shares “Invisible” video

“Invisible” is taken from Hannah Diamond‘s debut album Reflections, due out November 22 on PC Music. More than five years

Hannah Diamond Part Of Me Danny L Harle

Hannah Diamond shares Danny L Harle-assisted new single “Part Of Me”

Hannah Diamond‘s new single, “Part Of Me”, is out now on PC Music. PC Music‘s hyper-pop icon Hannah Diamond has

Planet 1999 Spell PC Music

Planet 1999 debut on PC Music with glittery ballad “Spell”

Underground future-pop label PC Music welcome their first pop band Planet 1999 with glittery electro pop-R&B ballad “Spell”. The London-based


A. G. Cook shares Caroline Polacheck-assisted new single “Lifeline”

A. G. Cook‘s new track, “Lifeline”, is out on PC Music. It has been almost three years since A. G.