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Hannah Diamond Affirmations

Hannah Diamond celebrates self-love in scintillating anthem “Affirmations”

Hannah Diamond‘s “Affirmations” is out via PC Music. A few days ago, we read with sadness that PC Music, the

Hannah Diamond Invisible video by Hannah Diamond

Hannah Diamond finally announces debut album, shares “Invisible” video

“Invisible” is taken from Hannah Diamond‘s debut album Reflections, due out November 22 on PC Music. More than five years

Hannah Diamond Part Of Me Danny L Harle

Hannah Diamond shares Danny L Harle-assisted new single “Part Of Me”

Hannah Diamond‘s new single, “Part Of Me”, is out now on PC Music. PC Music‘s hyper-pop icon Hannah Diamond has

Hannah Diamond - True

Hannah Diamond announces debut album, shares “True”

Hannah Diamond‘s debut album Reflections is out next year. Pc Music‘s digital muse Hannah Diamond is back with a new

The Deer Du Bois indie pop playlist 130

The Deer Du Bois Playlist #130

Every Wednesday on HighClouds, from now until death do us part, we publish the picky playlists of our Brussels‘ friend

Hannah Diamond “Fade Away”: from a nerd interface to smart mainstream music

Everyone knowing our blog is already pretty aware on how incredibly huge fans we are of PC Music. Since the