Helena Deland shares stunning live performance of her album Someone New

Helena Deland‘s debut album Someone New is out via Luminelle.

In 2020, Montreal singer-songwriter Helena Deland released her excellent record Someone New, which ended up on the podium of our favorite releases of that year. Because of the pandemic, Deland has not been able to support this project on stage yet. However, she’s just shared a full live version, recorded last December in a rehearsal studio with her musicians.

“This session was the finish line of weeks of practicing in a space that allowed distancing, and though things are slightly different with Covid related precautions, the energy and joy that comes out of getting together to play music is wildly invigorating, and this is especially obvious in this energetically low era,” she explained. “As for playing music with people for people, or being part of an audience, I think the special glow of those moments is bound to increase tenfold when we can safely engage in them again. Until then, this is a heartfelt effort to share some warmth, although virtual, and spend some time, although not simultaneous.”

The stunning 50-minute video was directed by Megane Voghell.