Helenor enrich their bedrock sound on “Bad2”

Helenor‘s “Bad2” is out now.

The creative brainchild of Brooklyn-based visual artist and songwriter David DiAngelis, Helenor is a DIY project that delves into DiAngelis‘s fascination with metamorphosis, moments of stagnation, and personal habits, both virtuous and vice-ridden. Helenor’s music transports listeners to a place where even melancholy holds a glimmer of beauty, existential pondering offers solace rather than answers, and the warmth of summer permeates year-round. In this ethereal realm, clouds bear poetic missives for those who dare to cast their gaze heavenward.

Helenor, which started as a solo bedroom pop project, has evolved into a full band since debut LP, Something Twice, while still upholding their “bedroom” ethos. Their sound now features multiple voices, collaborators, and refined production, all while maintaining their signature fusion of guitar and synthesizer elements that evoke the sensation of driving lazily on a highway next to a cool body of water.

Made in collaboration with Vishal Nayak of Nick Hakim, their latest single, “Bad2,” serves as a sonic backdrop for simulating presence amid life’s labyrinthine trials (DiAngelis moved from his home state of Massachusetts to Brooklyn during the pandemic, and Helenor expanded to a full band). With a dreamy and weightless production, “Bad2” intertwines acoustic guitars and a steady beat with ever-shifting synthesizers. “Bad2 is a ball and a chain and a weighted walk through a vitamin D soaked summer day,” DiAngelis says of the new single.