Hildegard (Helena Deland + Ouri) debut with haunting mantra “Jour 2”

Hildegard‘s debut track, “Jour 2,” is out via freshly-founded label Section1 (an imprint of Partisan Records).

Montreal-based singer-songwriter Helena Deland and producer slash multi-instrumentalist Ouri have linked up to form a new duo, Hildegard, named after the German polymath, healer and visionary Benedictine, Hildegarde de Bingen. With such a moniker, their music was expected to be both intricate and mystical. On their trippy debut track “Jour 2,” that they describe as a psychedelic mantra where strangeness and gentleness coexist, their haunting harmonies sound indeed like a spell. “Jour 2” also comes with a Melissa Matos-directed video where the two nymphs wander around in a wild landscape, simultaneously playing with tension and attraction.

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