Hildegard (Helena Deland + Ouri) unveil video for new track “Jour 3”

Hildegard‘s self-titled debut album is out June 4 via section1.

Montreal Helena Deland and Ouri have a band, Hildegard, and their first album, the result of an intuitive and experimental approach, will be released in a few weeks on freshly founded imprint section1. The eight creations were named for each day the pair spent together. After the throbbing “Jour 2” and the more uptempo “Jour 1,” they have now shared another intricate offering, “Jour 3,” and its Carole Méthot-directed visuals.

“Jour 3 is out today in homage to the fantasy world that some encounters leave in their wake (and that can only be heightened by the potentiality of a phone call). It’s theatrical, over-curious, a bit intense, self-conscious and silly, like having a crush, right? It was made about that sweet spot when desiring someone is empowering and imagination runs wild,” the explained.