Houndsteeth embrace self-discovery on imaginative track “Rodeo”

“Rodeo” is taken from Houndsteeth‘s Hold Your Horses, out October 27 via Otherly Love Records.

Houndsteeth‘s upcoming album, Hold Your Horses, truly lives up to its name by encapsulating a journey of patience and perseverance. The trio, comprising Grace Ward, Jolee Gordon, and Izzy Da Fonseca and who share a decade-long friendship, infuse the album with their dynamic energy, skillfully blending indie rock and experimental pop to create what can only be described as controlled chaos.

Introducing us to this playground of auxiliary sounds, operatic rock guitar moments, and Meredith Monk-style vocal harmonies, the NY/LA-based group recently unveiled the lead single, “Rodeo.” This mini indie song showcases intricate vocal layering and melodious detours, making it both unpredictable and striking. In this tour-de-force, the arrangements are most of the time sparse and diaphanous, yet “Rodeo” still packs a punch.

“‘Rodeo’ is a song that delves into the feeling of being on the cusp of gratification, only to be hindered by an obstacle,” as the band explains. “Sometimes, that very obstacle is your own fear—fear of embracing your true self, fear of trying something new, fear of uncertainty about your next move. This song is about finding solace in the process of self-discovery while simultaneously coming to terms with and accepting feelings of loneliness as something familiar.”