Jane Machine turns her erotic dreams into art on glitchy new single “Bang”

Jane Machine returns with “Bang,” a metaphorical explosion which introduces her upcoming third album shshshsh, out February 22.

Carving out soundscapes from her Joshua Tree studio, songwriter-producer Erica von Trapp AKA Jane Machine makes music that evokes her beautiful yet alien surroundings.

Having already glitched and electro-popped her way through two stunning albums, the artist is teasing her third record, shshshsh, with lead single “Bang,” which we’re delighted to be premiering.

Unlike the album title, “Bang” certainly does not adhere to this hushing! The catchy and trance-like beat thrums deliciously under von Trapp’s breathy vocals, depicting a whole world of lust and fantasies.

It’s no surprise that the track sounds like grinding up on a stranger feels; it was conceptualized after one of Jane Machine‘s erotic dreams. She awoke with a “Bang” and started to work on the song immediately, tracking vocals and working on nailing down the glitchy, horny beat.

Dubbed an “ode to Eros”, the track boasts throbbing synths that relentlessly become the foundation of a feverish love trance, interrupted only by Jane Machine’s repeated verse of “Bang/I want to every night/I feel love/I drink in through your eyes/I wanna dance/I feel it in these thighs/I want love/I want to every night”. An incantation of hedonism and desire.

The accompanying visuals directed by Nastasia Dusapin certainly showcase this intertwined atmosphere of erotica and the bizarre, warped world of a dream. They follow a “we film ourselves” concept that celebrates sensuality and the preparation that comes, well, pre “Bang”.

Shot exclusively on hand camcorders, the video presents three different women’s pre-fuck rituals as they get ready for a night of eroticism, mingled with a naturalistic vulnerability that stems from being un-observed and a sense of power that you get when you hone your body’s natural sensuality and sexuality.

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