Beirut-based Japan, Man releases celestial new single “Cautious”

"Cautious" is the fourth single and title track from Japan, Man's debut EP, to be released on Honeymoon Records.

15-year-old Beirut based Laeticia Acra, also known as Japan, Man, releases the titular single from her EP Cautious, which is described as “mellow, and laid back, but with themes of an existential nature.”

Of this new track, Japan, Man explained: “‘Cautious’ is a call for emotional intelligence in our counterparts thematically speaking.” This intent is displayed in beautific fashion. Utilising simple and frank lyricism and combining it with her signature playful vibes, the track sweeps its way through the mundane.

The buzzing off-kilter warping effects call to mind a sort of alien sound. “Cautious” has an otherworldly element to it, whilst staying earthy in Japan, Man’s blunt delivery. What’s great about Japan, Man is her consistent and undeniable sound, a quality that is usually hard to find in such a young artist; Laeticia and her uncle Julian, who arranges and produces the music, know what works and use these elements with just the right amount of variation so as to not become stagnant. Her silky-smooth vocals and intricate use of the slacker and bedroom pop genres has become a real calling card.

“Cautious” possesses a heavy, funky bassline which is also a common feature of a Japan, Man song. This juxtaposition of the grounded, weighty bass next to the floating and tinkling sounds of guitars and synths makes for another dreamy and tasty listening experience.

Rachel Chandler

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