Ja’Tovia Gary & Cakes Da Killa : No Homo Film

The evolution of queer rappers this last decade has been incredible. With rappers such as Mykki Blanco, Le1f, Zebra Katz among others, the gay black community is getting represented by incredible acts where high quality hip-hop meets political messages. With “No Homo”, filmmaker Ja’Tovia Gary portrays Cakes Da Killa, one of the most incredible young rappers of our generation

In this film, Cakes Da Killa explains what it means to be a young gay black rapper nowadays and how he manages to create a true and sincere career. The answer : just be yourself. One thing that we love about him is his complete honesty about the gay community, coming-out, being a rapper, gay sex, the black community all explained with a lot of humor. Filmmaker and rapper collaborated for the video of “Goodies Goodies” released last April that you can watch below. The film was selected for many movie festivals and we wish that their message will get through the young gay generation

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