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Zebra Katz Less Is Moor album ISH UPP

Zebra Katz cruises in the club on Miami Bass-inspired new cut “UPP”

“UPP” is taken from Zebra Katz‘s debut album, LESS IS MOOR, due out March 20. Multidisciplinary artist, rapper, producer, and

Zebra Katz Less Is Moor album ISH UPP

Multi-disciplinary rapper Zebra Katz slips into the shadows on “ISH”

“ISH” is taken from Zebra Katz’s freshly announced debut album LESS IS MOOR, out March 20 via The Vinyl Factory.

Zebra Katz IN IN IN

Zebra Katz hits hard on ballroom-inspired banger “IN IN IN”

Zebra Katz‘s new track, “IN IN IN”, is out on ZFK Records and is the first track taken from the


Our selection for Nuits Bota 2017: Le Motel, Her, Zebra Katz, Youngr & more

Each year, in our beloved city of Brussels, our favorite venue starts the festival season in May with one of

Ja’Tovia Gary & Cakes Da Killa : No Homo Film

The evolution of queer rappers this last decade has been incredible. With rappers such as Mykki Blanco, Le1f, Zebra Katz among others, the gay black community is getting represented by incredible acts where high quality hip-hop meets political messages. With “No Homo”, filmmaker Ja’Tovia Gary portrays Cakes Da Killa, one of the most incredible young rappers of our generation