Jedidiah shares sultry video for “Crowd”

Nashville-based artist Jedidiah shares an intense video for his recently released debut “Crowd“.

Directed by Ezra Cohen, the video matches perfectly with the sensual vibe of the song. The different shapes and colors that you can see over the singer’s silhouette embodies quite right the vocal loops of the song. The song that started as a folk song, took now a new turn after working with producer Fjordskii. In between contemporary R&B and catchy pop twists, his falsetto becomes mesmerizing. About working with his director, Jedidiah explained:

I loved making this video. Our director, Ezra Cohen, did a great job of capturing the energy that comes with being spontaneous and feeling the moment… and there are a lot of moments in this video that felt organic on set. The shapes and colors were thoughts I’d had in my brain for a while, and I was so happy that we were able to bring them to life… It’s also worth nothing that feeling hands all over your body starts to feel really normal after the first three seconds.
Matias Calderon

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