Find a piece of yourself in Jessi Blue’s “Oranje Guice”

“Oranje Guice” is taken from Jessi Blue‘s self-released debut album, Lips Do What Hands Do, out now.

Melodically lulling you into the dreaminess of their narrative, “Oranje Guice” is the new track from Jessi Blue, an 18-year-old non-binary artist coming from Southern Indiana, but now based in Los Angeles. Introspective and details-oriented, Jessi‘s songs are recorded, mixed and mastered in their bedroom with a microphone and Garageband but their arrangements sound polished and neat.

“Oranje Guice” starts with a mellow keyboard that leads into Jessi‘s layered chorus vocals, with remnants of summer lingering in the depths of the track. The ballad brings to life the intimate and self-exposing imagery of a young teenage love dipped in a journey of self-discovery, one that is full of passion and loss.

“We should elope but I think that its too soon”, they sing, encapsulating the ups and downs of a relationship coupled with the heartwarming imagery of a daily and knowing routine (“You’re making pancakes so I’ll pour the orange juice”). There is an aspect of this track that can resonate with anyone that listens to it and this echoes the artist’s intention behind their music which is “no matter who you love or what you do, there’s a place for you here”.

Max Herridge

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