Coral debuts with intimate and vulnerable song “find me wrong”

This week, Coral released her debut track, “find me wrong”, via independent label Feverish, alongside a lovely B-side, “you’re not worth a song but you still got one”.

After leaving high school into the freedom of the world Miranda Coral Engholm was led in the direction of Soundcloud and to creating her own music under the moniker Coral. Now based in Malmö, she is leaving her bedroom door half open for her audiences to see into the little snippets of her that you can relate to. Her debut single, “find me wrong”, is released on Feverish, a boutique label and creative studio run by Ebba Ågren and Michel Gustafsson of wy.

Soft, melodic guitars entice you gently into “find me wrong”, holding you there as Coral sings of an unrequited love. Here, the minimalist arrangements, where you can hear her fingers sliding along the guitar strings, echo the atmosphere of a diary entry, an honest and reflective moment within a chaotic world. “Sometimes when I listen to a song, it can feel like a complete stranger is suddenly standing in my living room talking about something really personal,” she says. “I can feel closely connected to that person even though I’m just listening to a recording”.

Not only is the legato instrumentation delicately intimate, the folk-style toned lyrics are beautifully vulnerable. They are penetrated with a deep sense of longing in the lines: “you are the only girl that I want, come close and hold me but you won’t.” Coral has turned a poignant and personal experience into a dreamy and contemplative track that people can relate to and hold close.

The accompanying video is just as fragile and secret as the track’s vocals and melodies. It follows Coral and another woman’s narrative parallel to the track and constitutes a simple yet striking introduction for her first audience.

Max Herridge

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