Han HÅN Gymnasion Its Better When I’m Asleep

HÅN and her synth-pop lull you into “It’s Better When I’m Asleep”

“It’s Better When I Sleep” is taken from HÅN‘s sophomore EP, to be released via Factory Flaws. 22-year-old singer-songwriter HÅN

Coral find me wrong feverish by Ebba G. Ågren

Coral debuts with intimate and vulnerable song “find me wrong”

This week, Coral released her debut track, “find me wrong”, via independent label Feverish, alongside a lovely B-side, “you’re not

Jessi Blue Oranje Guice

Find a piece of yourself in Jessi Blue’s “Oranje Guice”

“Oranje Guice” is taken from Jessi Blue‘s self-released debut album, Lips Do What Hands Do, out now. Melodically lulling you

Hana Vu Actress Outside by Sham Scott

Hana Vu sticks to no one’s script in new track “Actress”

“Actress” is taken from Hana Vu‘s double EP, “Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway”, to be released October 25 on Luminelle

Oracle Sisters release seductive and mesmerising video for “Spotlight”

“Spotlight” is taken from Oracle Sisters‘ upcoming EP, which was created in collaboration with Grammy award-winning Noah Georgeson. Oracle Sisters

Sulene Diamond video Kiss Harder

Bedroom pop artist Sulene polishes her love obsessions away with “Diamond”

“Diamond” is the first single taken from Sulene‘s sophomore EP, Fire Escaping, due out later this year. Touring the world